IN4PAY innovation high performance team

September 6, 2021

IN4PAY brings an experienced high-performance team of payments consultants specifically tuned to validate and realize your payment innovation objectives from a commercial, regulatory, functional, and technical angle.

The team’s experience, expertise and approach have been honed by working on many payment innovation successfully together and are now packaged to support your payments innovation challenge.

“..supported with a very targeted, professional payments team that was able to cover the full scope of expertise needed..”

“..operating in a start-up like environment IN4PAY delivered..”

Customer feedback

What can IN4PAY do for you?

Discover – Support exploring business opportunities in payment

  • market analysis
  • service design (TOM/TAM)
  • business case development
  • go to market strategy, PoC.

Design – Blue print new payments service: 

  • functional and technical design
  • regulatory analysis
  • validate with potential clients/stakeholders.

Deliver – Expedite new payments service launch: 

  • design
  • PoC
  • development & launch.

The story of how IN4PAY can support you to expedite your complex innovation challenge

  • Each team member is a payment professional 
    • with extensive international experience in delivering critical payments innovations for many client
  • as a team we have collaborated successfully many times
    • and are keen to bring our honed mix of skills and expertise to you to realize your complex new services to market fast and efficiently
  • our shared ambition is to deliver business value
    • by ensuring we are bringing market perspective, the right core experience and expertise, focus on results and manage your expectations at all times

Sample of customer feedback

..supported with a very targeted, professional payments team that was able to cover the full scope of expertise needed: payments innovation and commercialization, service management, functional, technical, regulatory as well as delivery management. The IN4PAY team was pro-active, transparent, pragmatic and delivered according to plan..

.. provided a deep understanding of European (Instant) Payments, market developments and the value chain players with the drive and commitment to deliver business focused results..

..operating in a start-up like environment IN4PAY delivered product and project leadership as well as focus on quality and customers to achieve tangible results..

How does IN4PAY realise this?

Next steps to ensure we can support to deliver successfully.

  • The IN4PAY team engages with you to introduce itself, understand your objectives, organization and innovation project.
  • The IN4PAY team ensures it can deliver, provides feedback/suggestions and proposes the team support mix (effort/timing) to match your needs.

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