About IN4PAY

IN4PAY is the acronym for Innovation for Payments. Why focus on innovation in payments? IN4PAY is convinced that in the coming decade innovation will be dominating the payments industry. Payments users are demanding more, faster for less. Driven by customer demand and regulatory changes the value chain is undergoing structural changes. Faster than ever, new and better payments services and instruments are developed, new business, partnership and sourcing models are required as a result.

IN4PAY, a specialised payments consultancy, wants to support you and your organisation to drive and realize essential changes.

The approach IN4PAY takes is derived from many years of leading change in European payments organisations: delivery through short, pragmatic and results-oriented cycles, driven by an articulate payments vision, based on close market engagement.

Payments market: payments paradox and change challenge

In the coming years the payments industry will change tremendously. Continued regulation and industry initiatives, an increasing complex of customer demands, new payments challengers, changing market characteristics like commoditization, decreasing fees, and increasing pan-European focus as well as technological advances will give rise to the payments paradox: more needs to be done with less.

 The resulting change challenge for payments organizations will center on two main topics:

  • accelerated innovation in search of better margins and/or
  • optimize the payments sourcing strategy to reach new levels of operational excellence and cost efficiency.

IN4PAY delivers services to support you in responding successfully to your change challenge.

The IN4PAY approach

From many years of experience in leading new pan-European payments developments and partnerships IN4PAY is convinced that innovation is best approached through short, pragmatic and results-oriented delivery cycles driven by an articulate vision and a dedicated, knowledgeable, pro-active and open-minded team (or partnership) that can flexibly adjust to changing circumstances. It goes without saying that support from senior management is very crucial to successfully deliver results. It is the above approach that is the basis of IN4PAY consultancy and its future services development.

Do you need support for your payments change challenge please contact IN4PAY.

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